signature offering

A signature session incorporates elements of Thai massage, Thai acupressure (sen lines), myofascial, lymphatic drainage, yin yoga, cupping and reiki. Each piece of this web addresses a different element of the physical and energetic body. Through conversation and energetic assessment, we will collaborate to weave together a unique and holistic approach to encourage your body toward balance.

If any of these healing practices are unfamiliar, please read my blog where I have written about my approach to each modality. To the right are examples of how a session might look.

Sessions are performed on a padded mat that lays on the floor. During the session you will be clothed in (your own) loose clothing, ideally long sleeves and pants.

Exchange: $222 for a Signature Session

(90-120 minutes)

Different than traditional massage pricing, I consider my signature session to be an energetic exchange, where I am giving you a specific experience, not a specific exchange of time. 

A session may begin with Thai massage to relax and assess muscle tightness. Thai massage stretches may drift into longer held yin yoga poses. During those 3-5 minutes I would do reiki to encourage the body to relax. 

Alternatively, a session may look more like a reiki healing, with an added element of neck massage and gentle compression across large muscle groups to create space in the musculature.