• Jamste Yin Yoga Teacher Training
    • Level one training with Biff Mithoefer 
  • Yandara Yoga Teacher Training
    • 200 hour certificate 
    • Reiki L1/2
  • ITM Certified Advanced Practitioner Training (CAPT) Program
    • 390 hour Thai Massage
    • Teacher Training (L1/2)
  • Community College of Denver
    • AA Psychology
  • Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy
    565 hours, MT Certification


Hello! I am Zoe, an artist in the healing arts but not a healer. I am someone who awakes the healer in you. 

The short of it:

I am a explorer of the world and of the human condition. Through my own healing journey, I have been exposed to and learned from many different healing modalities. Each one was different, but nothing ever felt complete. I always felt like I could be doing more. Eventually, this feeling lead me to weave together what I call my signature session. It is a session where I allow you and your energetic body to guide me into resistance and to soften it with one of many tools, based on the nature of it and where it exists. 

The long of it:

I am a explorer, a researcher, and a activist for joy. In my years I have lived a very full life, more full of both the good and the bad. After almost losing my life, and subsequently losing mind to a manic PTSD episode, I had to find myself again. That journey of healing lead me all over the world. It lead me to meet some of the most amazing and beautiful people. It lead me to explore every type of healing modality I have come across since I was 17 years old. It has lead me to develop a deep inner sense of gratitude and joy for life. Healing myself has been the only life I have really known. I am constantly learning, growing, adapting and shedding old skins. 

Over the last six years I have been learning and creating a web of knowledge that initially did not make sense to me. It led me across the world to Central America and Southeast Asia. I now call myself a massage therapist, Thai massage teacher, yoga teacher and energy worker.

In every traditional western style session I have ever given, I felt like something was missing. Like I could have done more. Even when I had glowing reviews, weekly repeat clients, it didn't matter. It didn't feel like a matter of self confidence, I knew I could give a great massage, but that still wasn't fulfilling me. 


Astrology opened up my ability to look at myself and my path objectively. My natal chart is like a loom, with all of the strings of the sky coming together at Chiron, the plant of deep inner healing. Maybe that means nothing to you, and thats fine. What it means to me is that I am a weaver of healing modalities.   

I see now how it all weaves together so that I could create an offering that feels complete and empowering. My signature session includes a personalized blend of mostly western and Thai massage, reiki, yin yoga and myofascial unwinding. It is not one thing, it is all of the things. Because we are multidimensional people, with uniquely faceted problems to uncover and release. It is a session where I allow you and your energetic body to guide me into resistance and to soften it with one of many tools, based on the nature of it and where it exists.  

I am so grateful for you, that you are here reading my website. I hope some of what I say or may do resonates with you and empowers you. That is why I do this work. 

my journey